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We have taken the time to gather some information to help you make wise decisions when it comes to your cabling needs. We hope to guide you and help you understand why it is important to choose a certified installer with reputation and experience. There are many hidden costs to a poorly installed voice and data system. These expenses will slowly build up day to day costing you several times the cost of a professional installation.

Are all installers the same?

Network speeds flow during the day according to the number of users and the amount of information they are trying to send. Only so much traffic can get through at a time. For example, you can speed along a deserted road, but heavy traffic will slow you down. Accidents and return trips compound the problem. When you add design flaws on the road, construction sites, unfinished lanes, improper off ramps and closed lanes your bound to go very slow. Your network is the same way. It uses your structured cabling to travel from one computer or component to the next. What causes problems:

On Installation:

  • Unmatched system
  • Bad patch cords
  • Cable stripped too much
  • Cable ties too tight
  • Tight bend radius
  • Crossed pairs
  • Running cable over high RF emitting fixtures
  • Long runs
  • Mishandled cable

Cable and connectivity quality:

  • Low attenuation
  • Poor NEXT (near-end crosstalk)
  • Poor ACR (attenuation-to- crosstalk ratio)
  • Poor delay skew (data arrives at different times)
  • Impedance
  • Poor return loss (also known as "echo")
  • Poor ELFEXT (equal-level far-end crosstalk) numbers for cable, connecting hardware and channel
  • Splices in cable

What is a certified installer?

This is very important to look for in an installer. A certified installer has been trained and certified by the manufacturer to install there systems. The installer has demonstrated there abilities to apply the knowledge taught to them by the manufacturer. More important, a certified installer gives you the peace of mind of a manufacturer's warranty. This feature is only warranted when a system is installed by a certified installer.

Do I need a network?

  1. Do you have more than 2 people sharing the same files, printers, internet access & applications?
  2. Does you business have satellite offices?
  3. Do you plan to use the facilities for more than 2 years?
  4. Are you currently building a new office or remodeling your existing office?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are a prime candidate to have a computer network installed. In fact, considering a telephone system together with you computer network could save you lots of money and give your business a complete communication upgrade.

What makes up a network?

A network basically is highway for your information. Such highway is made up of UTP cable, special connectors and electronics. The network on a business environment is divided into Backbone, Horizontal and work area (station).

  • Backbone is like a large lane highway between floors and/or to your main telecommunication closet.
  • Horizontal is like a main avenue between the large highway and your neighborhood. It consists of usually UTP cable running from your patch panel in your telecommunication closet to your connectivity on the work station.
  • The work area (station) is the driveway to your home. It consists UTP patch cords.
Office Network

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"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your company for the work in installing and maintaining the internal wiring infrastructure of the Key Biscayne Fire Department and Administration building."

-W. Franklin Barron, Deputy Directoru of Fire Rescue

"Thank you very much for your efforts on my behalf regarding the telephones at my legislative Office at the Platantion City Hall. You are certainly a man of your work and I am very appreciative of the fact that you stand behind your products and your services."

-Roger B. Wishner, State Representative, District 98

Who We Are

Miami Business Telephone, Corp. has been servicing South Florida since 1988. We are licensed by the State of Florida and fully insured. Our clients range from small businesses to large government organizations and our services extend from Telephony, Structured Cabling, fiber optic cabling and much more. We also invite you to view a list of our past/current projects for further reference.

30 years of Experience

What We Do

We specialize in the design, installation and repair of complete lines of telecommunications equipment, including Fiber Optic Networks. Rigorous EIA/TIA compliance testing are conducted on premises.

  • Business Telephone Lines
  • Computer Cabling / Network Cabling
  • Voice Cabling
  • Voice Mail
  • Telephone Systems PBX
  • Underground OSP Cabling

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